When you hear the word Minimalism what comes to your mind first? Was it a clean room with less furniture? More self-time? Less stuff? More space? Less cleaning, organizing? Or as simple as Living with Less? Some of it are my reason and might be the reason of the others why they live in this lifestyle. Before jumping to its benefits, let’s talked into its meaning …

So, what is Minimalism?

When we surf the web to its meaning, we mostly got a definition from a dictionary on which states that it was a trend culture back in 1950’s. It is use in a form of art (such as sculpture and paintings). I’m amaze on how they define it as it used the word simple.

But when we dive it thoroughly it highlights that some minimalist says it was a philosophy of getting rid of excess stuff and to live life based on experiences rather than worldly possession, or in short living in a simple lifestyle.

Some says, living simply was hard for them even on my experience too. Letting go of my excess stuff and other things that doesn’t bring value to my life are a bit challenging especially that I easily get attached on things.

Thanks to this lifestyle it benefits me a lot from my personal finance to my mental health. It was actually worth it!

Here’s what this lifestyle benefits me

Less purchase comes more savings

The moment I started to declutter and organize my stuff, I became more aware and mindful to my spending habit from clothing, groceries and even just a small amount that I spend are actually very important. My decluttering also helped me save because I sell few of my unused stuff and the rest I packed and hand it down to my relatives in province.

Less stuff to clean, to organize & etc. – more time for myself

Well, I’m not a big fan of organizing my stuff before but when I’m in my 90 days pre-lifestyle (as they say it took 21 days to make a habit, and 90 days to have a lifestyle) my organizing skill actually helped me on it, but when you had less stuff. I rarely organize them so, I had more time for myself, communicate to my family virtually, Netflix and chill, and other things like my crochet or attend a free online class.

Less stress means more freedom

Yes, I mean yeah. Who want to stress out thinking what would be your next #OOTD? Stressing on stuff laying anywhere because we don’t have enough storage left, because all of the spaces on our room were filled of so much stuff that we don’t need anymore. Letting them go can ease our minds at the same time, we can have freedom to do things we love.

Less comparison, more contentment

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

So, when you learn to stay contented on what you have, you don’t need to compare things around yourself because you know some of them doesn’t bring joy to ourselves rather than jealousy and it is not good to our pocket or in our mental health. 😊

Last but not the least, less environmental impact when we chose to buy quality things

This is really the game changer of this lifestyle, before I use to being frugal and buy cheap items, but then I regret it because it easily ripped or broken. My lesson to it, better to buy quality things rather than buying them again and again.

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7 thoughts on “What is Minimalism and the Benefit of this Lifestyle

  1. I myself try to pare down my things just so that I don’t need to think so much. Case in point, having too many fountain pens with inks that dry up in them from disuse, and constantly having that on my mind because the cleaning process is a drag, to say the least. Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. Happy to hear your thoughts on this, Stuart. 🖤 It was nice to hear you’re trying to pare them down, because before even on my side cleaning & decluttering knowing that i didn’t knew where to store or put them are kinda stressful especially on my craft supplies.🙈


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