Depression and Anxiety can hit us in any directions, especially in this current situation we’re all facing. As this new normal to us are so frustrating to the point that sometimes we over analyze things around. So in this post, I would like to share my process on how I cope my anxieties and depression before.

Without further ado, lets read straight to the list!

1. Meditation

Yes, meditation is a very big help and an impact whether you have anxiety or if you want to calm your mind from the hectic way of life. Meditate for 10-20 minutes and mindfully feel your chest expanding as you inhale and exhale God’s free oxygen. Feel your breath! Let your thoughts come whether its a positive or negative response feel it freely and if you didn’t like what you were thinking change it. You had the power over to that.

You don’t need to be cozy & fancy to meditate, just close that door in your room and sit.

2. Pray

Meditation is a great help, but with prayer and thanksgiving to God everyday the moment woke up. You will feel things are right in places, because you set yourself that you started your day with Him. Don’t forget to read His words too, in this digital age there’s some apps we can download on our devices for free and stay connected with God.

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3. Journal

Journaling things around you, are highly beneficial on our brain for its thoughts was out and you had it in record. On which for the long run you can analyze and understand things when it comes to your strength and weaknesses when this problem occur. Write them on your old notes, on your notepad in your computer or phone, or not voice record it and save them on Drive.

4. Get Out

Yes! Uh-huh. Get out for a while, it can be in your room, in your bed, in that phone. Just get out for a while, turn that phone off, leave your bed, close that room and go outside, water some plants, talk to them, if not go out with your dog or take a walk but please practice safety measures and wear a mask for your health protection when you step outside the house.

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5. Connect

Connect, Re-connect whatever we call it when you know things you can’t handle all by yourself anymore, connect with people. Call them, send a 1 min chat, or ask anything. You will know who will be on your side, and you will see people still care on you. Don’t let those moment put yourself down. Connect and seek! You are more than what you think. ❤️

Note: The list mention above are my based on my experience, if things getting worsen in your case do not take it lightly. Please, seek professional help. Call Lifeline (02) 804-4673 (HOPE)

Thank you so much reading the post! Do you experience anxiety,depression or anything? And how do you cope it? Share some with us on the comments below.


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19 thoughts on “How I Cope Anxiety + Depression as a Minimalist

  1. Really great post and I could really relate. Meditation is what has helped me more than anything with my anxiety and depression and I think it has a lot of benefits that you see over time.

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  2. Many of us ignore our anxieties thinking of it as some temporary mood /phase. But leaving it as it is will always worsen it. Instead having some sort of mechanism to cope with it can tremendously help. Well done.😁👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Jay! 😊 A very well said thoughts. Sometimes due to the busyness of our daily lives we forgot our mental health too which is very important also. What I’m wondering was, some of us already feel it but they keep on ignoring for them not to get labelled as retarded especially in my country. 😔


      1. Yeah i myself did that mistake of ignoring it. This resulted in me writing 2 post about my state of mind at that time. One thing i would say is that if you want external help, be careful of whom you are relying on.

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  3. Everything you’ve written is proven to be effective. It is especially great knowing there’s a higher power and authority whom we can speak to… and that’s really effective and cathartic.

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    1. Thank you, Ate! 😊 Usually whenever I feel a little down I immediately do the number 1&2 because I know that sometimes, it just my mind who overthink some situation and I ask God to guide me for the the things & thoughts I’m feeling. ❤️

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  4. Aw yeah, journalling is a big one for me. I find the practice to be relaxing, though not cathartic as many people report. I enjoy reading posts from years past and figuring out if I’ve changed or not. Wishing you all the best with your journey!

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