Before anything else, I’d like to celebrate my two years on!

Rosell Jardinico | Two Year Anniversary Achievement
Two Year Anniversary Achieved!

Happy Anniversary with!

I never imagine that I’ve been in WordPress for almost 2 years! Probably because, due to the things … that I was on and off on the blogging platform. I don’t know why but up to this date, I try to manage and collate things the reason behind why I didn’t even improve (or maybe I improve but not in my fullest potential) my blog over those years.

There are lot of reasons and lessons I came up with but, I choose these 5 to share on which I think the very most important and the things I must improve and work on.

Reasons Behind Why Your Blog Doesn’t Improving

1. Purpose

Over the course, I realized that I don’t have purpose to the things I’ve been working to. It feels like this is not me, all that I know is that I’m an aspiring minimalist and I wanted to share things about my life and the stuff I was doing, wondering if those could help others … but over time I forgot those and ended up writing stuff I didn’t know! 🥺

2. Consistency

This one really hit me, especially when I read the blog page of Camille from The English Speaking Frenchie, you can visit the page here. So, when I ask her things about blogging … she mentioned about consistency, on which I knew to myself that I wasn’t that consistent enough to the things I’m sharing. In my inner self I badly want to stay consistent but the third reason will explain everything.

3. Distraction

Deep down to myself, I knew I could be consistent writing post and stuff if I am not distracted to things around me. Aside from that laziness and procrastination added too. 😣

4. Worrying

“Does this post beneficial to my readers? Would this thing help them?” Worrying things before posting it is another factor that stops me to create blog posts. I don’t know the reason behind why I was thinking things like that but in my own I think it is better not to post than being judged by others. 🤦🏼‍♀️

5. Losing Confidence

Lastly, from the things I’ve mentioned above … losing my confidence is far beyond the things I was hoping I could improve more and more. Losing your confidence to write, post, and even promote on my social media becomes the reason why I’m not even improving a little.

So, those things I guess the main reason why I seldom post things and even I didn’t help myself to improve it. I stop wishing anymore, but rather pray to God to help me work things according to my purpose and decision in my blog.

I may not perfect but realising things in life and putting it into action is far better than being lazy and dream things in my head!

Thank you so much for reading! I was hoping that I help you with my realization in terms of blogging. Also, I’d like to ask a favor to comment down things (especially followers) you think that could help me improve my blog over the month or two.

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