This journey started back in a midday last 2019. I was doing one of my work chores while multi-tasking myself watching TED Talks on YouTube and other interesting videos just to cope the boredom while doing some chores.

With that, this video passed my feed without myself realizing that I turned on the auto-play feature. Whereas this accidentally opens myself into the world of minimalism.

The video entitled 17 THINGS YOU CAN DECLUTTER NOW by a minimalist youtuber, Kyra Ann.

here’s the clip.

At first glance, I totally think deep how’s my stuff there in our room. I was thinking my big balikbayan box, then 2 bigger bags I supposed to send in my province (Negros Occidental), my 1 luggage which is full of clothes I only wore every Sunday, when going to church.

So then I took the first step, as I always believed that “learning and planning is great but without proper execution those are nothing”. So, I literally take them out and left nothing on my cabinet, luggage bag and even in my balikbayan box. I sort them from things that I love, my favourites to wear, and to least and don’t want to see/wear anymore (as I slowly getting fat hehheh) on which I will pack in a balik-bayan box and send to the province then.

I decluttered all of my stuff as well as my clothes that probably took me 1-2 hours and another 1 hour on my personal stuff (on which a few of them are my collected parafernalias back in high school) and 30 mins on toiletries. All in all it took me half of the day. Ps. I did this decluttering thing after my workchores.

I didn’t notice that I actually had a lot of unused and don’t need stuff that accommodates my room and baggages, on which others are not my type anymore, like vibrant clothes that doesn’t match my personality.

After the decluttering part, I crave for more. I even search, watch, read and then do my part to commit into it not just on this lifestyle but becoming mindful to the things I have. Aside from that even Sir Joshua Becker says minimalism is a journey after all, so I am very much willing to know deeper things and on how I can make this life simple but a meaningful one.

Also, before I end this post — I’d like to Thank Kyra Ann, for being an instrument … for me to open myself, be committed, and to embrace this minimalistic lifestyle. I will always & forever treasure this rare moment of my life. xo Rosell

How I started out my Minimalist Lifestyle | Rosell Jardinico

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