Hello there! Its been a while since I post an update on the blog. I merely do a visit on my social media accounts too (except for my personal fb account, which is very necessary to check things as it’s the way to stay connected in school and future updates to the page I’m applying for a scholarship). September and October flies like all those 2 months happened in a flash. Preliminary exams are over and here comes the Midterm 😞 hehhe
With that, as time goes by … there’s actually a lot of things I’ve been up to, but one thing that always stand out is the lessons I’ve gone through.

Let me share a few of it; also … if you guys had the same lesson just like mine, feel free to leave your thoughts below. Happy to read each one of them! ☺️

1. Strive to stay on top

As I’ve mentioned above that my preliminary exams are over and knowing that the result of my study was very low on which made me feel anxious. Not just me but also our prof too who’s even disappointed on the result of our exam (which I think was very low). I know, honestly to myself that I put every bit of effort that I could but I guess it wasn’t enough. I am not pushing myself harder just to earn higher mark for the sake of TOR but for the family who generously offered this free education. I myself was very grateful to it and one thing I have in mind in exchange is to get high grades for them to see that every penny they paid was worthwhile.

2. Life is full of surprises

it will always will and forever be. After lots of unexpected things that’s been happening around I could now tell that life is always full of surprises. Sometimes I need to face storms but all the while it was full of sunshine and a little bit cloudy days.

3. Take a lot of sleep

I’m really guilty with this! But, we need to. Taking lots of sleep won’t just help you stop the ageing process of life but rather help you a lot of transformation in your body. Honestly, I’ve been indebted to my sleep for almost a month, due to study and watching anime (on which is the habit that I wanted to stop) 😬

4. Always be grateful

when storms passed sometimes I forgot to be grateful in life but thankfully, I got this wallpaper that keeps on reminding me to stay grateful in life. As we all have 1 life to live, lucky to those who experience 2 in their entire lives. Staying grateful despite of the storms, hurricanes and battles in life is always a life changer.

My phone wallpaper.

5. Pray, pray, pray.

ALWAYS! My spiritual life may not be perfect but thru prayer and meditation. This isn’t just my conversation to God and to myself but rather my way of reporting and confessing too. Bad times or good, I keep on praying with a bit of meditating— for I believe bad things will be good and good will be better when you thank and ask God.

Thank you so much for reaching the end! I try to keep it short for a while in order to stay on track. For I have so much more to share things about what’s been up to life.

Things that I continuously learning in Life - Rosell Jardinico

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