I don’t know things that would happen in the future but one thing I’m certain is, I will make impossible into possible, coz’ why not? We are our only limit, right?

With that, I would like to start the very first monday of the year something that I would call, #MondayGratitude.
Supposedly this are meant to post early in the morning but I do have work, so … Here it is!

I would like to share to you my reason for being grateful for today, it would be great if you share yours too. 😅 I would love to read them! Also, I want to make this as a habit (since I failed from the last in my journal).

Today, I am grateful for celebrating traditions.

As a Christian, I am very much grateful for Christmas traditions and New Year celebrations, especially the vibe we (Filipinos’) have. Why?

Christmas are meant to celebrate the Lord’s birthday, just like when we celebrate ours but this one is for Him and it should be different being our God and Savior. So, if our birthdays are awesome why can’t we have a 10x awesomeness for the Lords birthday? It is also our way to rejoice too.

I had given a chance to see my friends from my employers sister (which is her employer) after a year. Yes, we do videocall but the effects of seeing in person totally hits different.

I could see people around smiling, which makes my heart pound in joy. As the family lost a loved one last year, things change rapidly but through these celebrations I can see their hearts smile, not just in games that the one we played and the like — but the joy of being complete in the family is what actually matters.

Lastly, it reminds me —

All of my Christmas and New Years celebration memories. Those moments, where gifts are the things that makes me happy and smile but right now, at this age. I could see that there’s so much difference being an adult and a kid but one thing in common is … The two celebrations are meant to tell us that whatever happens, we may grow old and weak, unable to play games but the reason for this season is for the Lord and the joy that carved in our hearts.

To whoever made Christmas and New Year as a tradition and celebration, thank you for we can celebrate them every year!

How about you, what is something you are grateful for? Please share them below, I would love to read those in comments.

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