Does anyone feels like January was just a blink of an eye? and now we’re already in February! πŸ˜”

Anyway, Cong Xi Fa Cai friends! πŸŽ‰

January gave me so much thrill that I couldn’t even contain how lucky I am to share this. It was mind blowing grateful scenario in one of a lifetime moment I had with that, let me share to you things around;

* I change and change my New Year’s Resolution until I totally filter things out β€”

It was quite surprised on how much I did for my New Year’s Resolution, even I honestly didn’t know the reason behind why I made it and I just do things around its kinda make myself happy and stayed motivated doing it.

* I got tested positive for COVID-19

Yeah, you read it right! I got tested last Jan. 9 then my employer isolated me in my room for about 10 days but I experienced the symptoms for almost 14 days all along. It was a mild one but the mental health impact to myself makes me re-think things about life as I isolated myself over a period of time.

* I finally learn how to ride a bike

Actually, I’ve been in practiced biking last 2021 but I always got into an accident whenever I deliver our baked goods to our neighbors. As the Year start I found myself at something 49% level of improvement when biking, especially on sloppy ones which I usually failed to do.

* I’m not scared when I’m alone in the kitchen

I guess you can laugh on me at this one, coz I’m at the age of 22 and I could handle the kitchen when I’m alone but when I started the year (you know as a housemaid you must be sometimes an ALL-AROUND NANNY in the house) as my co-worker travelled back to the province for good, it leaves me a no choice but to multitask things but luckily my fear when I’m alone in the kitchen and cooking food for my employers boost a little confidence in me especially when handling and cooking foods like soups and other authentic fish that sometimes needs a little attention when handling.

Well, that’s it! My Roller Coaster Life last January β€” I hope I could share more details especially on my positive-ish story, but I guess I’ll be adding it to a new blog post within this week. How about you? How’s your January so far? Share them in the comments below as I personally love to read them.

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