Lots of fathers out there would love to teach us some of their wisdoms. It could be from friends, familiy, relationship or sometimes a sort of life in general they gleaned from their generation.

In celebration of my Dad’s birthday, I would like to share things that I’ve learned from him, even if we spend a little time during his lifetime. As you know, he passed away when I was in 6th grade and we don’t have enough time to talk things more about life but I am very much grateful to know and live those moments being happy.

Without further delay, here’s my list of Best Things that I’ve learned from my Father

1. Education is everything

2. Prioritize God and the rest will follow

3. Learn and seek the truth

4. Good books is the best vacation I could ever have

5. I can do anything if I want to

6. Family is fundamental

7. Always give back to people and community

8. Kindness is key

9. No one is too old to learn, as long as you want to and willing to try anything

10. Always be grateful for my blessings

Happy Birthday Papa! I love you forever and always. 🥰

Thats it guys! I hope you learned something new in this post, also if you enjoyed reading this? Feel free to hit the like button, leave your thoughts in the comment below, or you can follow the blog via email — if not, bookmark our page on your browser for you not to miss any single post.


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