Hello friends, how are you? We’re already in March and I thought, I forgot to share things around my February. It was actually a month full of love, gratitude and peace.

As you all knew, I started my year 2022 being isolated due to Covid-19 spread last new year’s party. I may not exactly knew the reason behind it but I just pray that whoever the person it is, he/she may receive healing from the Lord.

With that, let me start by thanking the people who become part of that very beautiful chapter. To my family, friends, classmates, my dear employer, mentors, instructors, my new church, DG sisters and a someone special.

There’s so much to discuss but I would like to highlight a few that totally completes my February. The following happened spontaneously that even I couldn’t imagine how I made it to March without burning myself out. Allow me to share the following;

• I slowly developed my leadership skill

This actually happened last January way back in our 2021 School Virtual Intramurals. That time, I was one of the appointed committee who facilitates the Group Chats for the listings of name, to poster design and even guide fellow Miss Intrams. Through it — my leadership skills are honed by my advisor which is a Guidance Counselor in our school. Actually, it was such an opportunity for me that leads me to enroll and join some of the webinar to develop my leadership style and techniques, it may not be an easy path for me but it was a super-duper great that I experienced those moments that I probably treasure the most.

• More time for art

Yesyes. I’ve been procrastinating this one actually last 2021 as I always told myself that “nah, I don’t have time for that” and the list of excuses goes on and on. But this February, I decided to let out my creative self again (hehe 😅) and use it as one of my medium to reach out friends and families to spread the word of the Lord.

• I found a new church

You read it right! Its been 2 years also that I didn’t go to church due to COVID-19 Restrictions my previous church decided to close its doors. I was saddened at that time since the main church was way too far from my home and very time consuming to travel. I may be a bit sad but God actually answered every prayers I have. At that very moment, someone introduce me to a new church (actually the scenario doesn’t goes like that, it was like …. I got invited in one of the Singles Virtual Gathering of the church and the rest is history — hehe kidding! 😅).

• Slowly began to blog again

I’m trying to write again as much as possible. I had so many drafts too but I’m scared to publicly post it and let things flow but one thing I knew for now is that, my words and phrases matter so why not post it. ☺️

These few may one of the highlights I had … but there’s a few I decided to let go too, such as;

• Negativities

• Fears but most of all,

• Arguments

All those things may or may not happen for a reason but I am very much grateful that my February isn’t a waste of time. Indeed, it was full of surprises and the like.

How about you guys? What are the things happen to you last month of love? Share them in the comments below, I would love to read those!

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