Hello friends! How are you? Time flies … It still feels like January but we’re already in April. There’s so much things been happening around and it feels like I wanted to share a lil’ bit of a life update, and the things I’m grateful for.

Before I start, I believe you guys had something you’ve been grateful for the week. Though some, may not feel great nor okay from the past weeks but I wanted to tell you that its okay — its okay to feel lost, to feel the pain, to grieve or something for we are all human. We do have feelings afterall and those things are inevitable. Always remember that there’s God who sees all your troubles and worries but then, keep in mind to submit things in Him for us not to feel being burned out and lost. More than that, let’s be thankful to things that we are still alive despite the pandemic influenza and other variations of the viruses. If you have things being grateful for, I wanted you guys to write them on the comment section as I always love to read them!

Today, I am grateful for the life of my Disciple Group (DG) and DG Leader in Christ.

As a Christian, I am very much grateful for this. Things being change then the moment I became part of this wonderful ladies around. Wanna know why?

Here’s why …

1. Finally had a sister and a mother, which is the fact that they are my sisters-in-Christ.

Honestly, this is the most grateful part in my case for I don’t have my parents with me anymore and my dearest half-sister passed away too last October 2019. So, it was hard but through this wonderful ladies and the grace of God, I feel that I truly belong in this pack.

2. Had an accountability partners to whatever burden each other feels.

This one took me month being a DG Member before realizing that ” this ladies are my accountability partners not just in my walk with God but also to the things that’s happening in college, my life, and even love life. Hahaha kidding! 😂 It was hard though, but the more I prayed to God if I could share my burdens to this ladies I slowly remove the walls that I’ve built due to my trust issues back when I was in second grade in elementary.

3. We care for our sisters.

4. We do fellowship and become a safe space to share what’s happening to the lives of each other.

It may be in our ups or downtime moments. I learned that whatever things I had in my mind that’s keep me anxious, they are always there willing to lend an ear or a shoulder.

5. Lastly, we pursuit of becoming a more Christ-like person.

… and this is our main goal being a sisters-in-Christ. On where we can become more Christ-like person, that could be to our work place, school, to our family and friends where they would see that we aren’t just a person but also an instrument of God to help and lead other people to Him.

Actually, there’s so much to think why I am grateful in this group but I would like to highlight these 5 for today!

After all, I am very much grateful and thankful to the person who invited me to Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) Church. Thank you for being God’s instrument to lead my spiritual life back to Him.

How about you guys, what is something you are grateful for? Please share them below, I would love to read those in comments.

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