Hello friends, how are you? Finally, my classes ends a little bit earlier than expected and now I’m glad to be back in writing. It was kind of exhausting in my part back to the previous months to write longger post. And now that I am back, I have something a bit different to share. I honestly want to be more personal and let you take a glimpse into my life more often. As a quite nosy gal (which I think a nasty trait of mine),  I love getting to know the person behind their blogs and their routines. So, I thought it would be interesting to share with you a typical day in my life.

Let me warn you, it is a normal workday, nothings fancy around. But I thought it could still be fun to share. Hope you find it interesting!

Here is what I get up to on a normal weekday.

A Typical Day In My Life

A Typical Day In My Life - Rosell Jardinico

My Morning Routine

The alarm goes off at 5:10 so that I have exactly one hour before getting out of the door. After 5 mins laying in bed, I get up and go straight to my bookshelf. That’s when I started my Bible reading routine that is based on the Bible app I’ve been using as a guide.

I then do some stretching for 15-30 minutes and go straight to the bathroom. That’s when I started my beauty routine: took a shower and applied my morning moisturizer. And then I head to the kitchen to prepare my morning black coffee. While waiting for that, I simply head to the laundry area where our big dog (his name’s Thirdy) stayed to feed him.

After having a cup of coffee, I’ll go straight to do my chores as a household help. I usually finish my coffee in about 20-30 minutes, that includes reading some e-books on my tablet and writing some blog posts.

My Day Routine

As you guys know, I work as a household help. The time I spent working isn’t actually the same for each day. Some may take 7 or 10 hours of work with a few breaks in between and I even include my stock trading job within that work timeframe.

My Night Routine

Usually, my work hours are done around 7 or 8 pm. This is also the time I binge watched some anime/movies, played some mobile games or scroll down my social media just to relax myself after a day. If I’m not in the mood to do those things, I read some trading books for about 15 mins which is the maximum time (for I don’t want to overwhelm myself to the learnings and take things slowly). After that, I would take a shower and get ready for devotion. I then write 3 amazing things that happened during the day and set the alarm for the next day, usually I’m in bed before 12 midnight. As this semester breaks, I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier but haven’t succeeded so far.

And that’s it, a typical day in my life.

Ps. This morning routine is very different when I have my online classes. 😅 I was thinking to drop one when my classes are back. xo

Now that I shared mine, how’s a typical day for you?

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