Our purpose in life shouldn’t base on the society or to everyone but it should be base on what actually our soul is searching to fill the void.

Have you ever feel like your life has something in missing? Like you didn’t know what it is and you simply trying to survive? Or ever questioned yourself on what was your true purpose of living? Worry no more, for I would like to talk things around like that!

Our purpose in life shouldn’t base on the society or to everyone but it should be base on what actually our soul is searching to fill the void. For there has no rule to choose on how to live that life. There’s no guidebook also to teach us on how to live purposefully for it is all about being you as an individual on how to make yourself and your life happy.

There might be no guidebooks to tell us what to do but there might be steps to to encourage ourselves and to foster tings around to turn things into a greater purpose in our life. Where we can allign our life with purpose and to love and live with true purposeful life. In which you will reach a happier and more fulfilling life in the end.

Furthermore, here are my Top 5 Approach in Life to Live in Purpose. I hope you’ll find this post meaningful and worth reading!

5 Approaches in Life to Live in Purpose

1. Learn to Align your Life with what you care about

The most important factor of learning how to live your life with purpose is to actually understand, learn, specify, and feel what you actually wanted to and why you wanted to have a purposeful life. In some cases we may be busy, that still feels bored nor rested, but are always tired. This might be an opening for yourself to be true also where you can examine things around you, the beliefs, values, and what it truly feels right to you. Though living a purposeful life may not guarantee us a higher salary, but it will give us the bigger part of ourself on which the reward in the end is priceless.

2. Recognize the Things that you care the most

When you truly wanted to live a life purposely this basically means that you need to recognize your skillset as an individual that can contribute in living with it. Learn to recognize things around you like what you truly care about? How things things could help others? What are the things that you have that could might help the community? By reflecting those things around you may find answers for yourself that could lead you to know things in a deeper way with yourself. Those reflections might be open you to a new interest that could bring you to a purposeful life ahead.

3. Trust Yourself

Those who wanted to live a purposeful life always trust themselves and doesn’t worry about what others may think. They choose to live up the life according to their values and core beliefs that influence their short and long-term priorities for those are the things that guide and shapes their actions daily.

4. Develop Positive Emotions

Developing positive emotions such as Joy, Gratitude, Serenity, Interest, Hope, Amusement, Inspiration, Awe, and Love can help you find purpose in life. Just like Gratitude as one of my highlight in every monday (on which I forgot to write a blog sometimes) are one of the reasons that could linked to find what life actually means around. Having those positive emotions can help you to have better focus on the positive side and it even allows you to reflect on the blessings in life.

5. Empower Others

This probably one of the advantage in living a purposeful life when you started to empower others because when you discover and learn on how to strengthen the skills that you have you learn to stay open started to lead and serve others. Through this you will be able to encourage them, build them and even help them to believe in themselves from the live of survival and to turn them into a life with purpose just like what you’ve started.

… lastly, a bonus one!

6. Live in and for th moment

I could still remember myself where I use to say that I just need to wait a perfect timing, but those perfect timing doesn’t always come. It’s all about you to live in the moment because life is so short. Learning how to live as purposeful life means stopping yourself to wait for better circumstances because you are about to learn and marvel out those moment. For I believe that those people who live their life with purpose cherish each and every moment they have without regrets.

As a final thought, I believe finding purpose in life is more about taking small, simple, and “baby” steps in it. The slower you go, the more time you will have to reflect on what you want and what you can do to live your life in purpose. Learn to take each step with the knowledge and keep trusting yourself to live your life to its fullest.

Thanks for reading,
Rosell Jardinico

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