Life is not about who you once were. It’s about who you are now, and who you have the potential to be.

I will probably have to always say that things and time flies in a glimpse when we are getting used to it. I couldn’t be more grateful to where I am now!

I just started my 3rd year in college this week in a blended type of learning. It was actually kind of fun and interesting way to learn things as I am more focus in my studies while a little bit stuck at work. Being a working student, made me realize this blended learning of face-to-face classes and online modality puts me in a well balanced mode of life. Though it wasn’t that easy at first but I do believe this whole semester will be a lot of fun and exciting way of learning.

Not just that, I also got a chance to learn, know, and discover things around the culture I’m into. As you all know, I’ve been living with my employer for years but I didn’t have enough a chance to look around. So, I guess this could be the best part to let myself get used to the city life as I slowly explore and experience it.

With that, allow me to share a few of my snaps with my classmates when we finally meet for our face-to-face class last, Aug. 16, 2022!

Thanks for reading,
Rosell Jardinico

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