Here comes the month were moonsoons are not so friendly in my country! 😆 Hello dear, how are you? It seems that we’ll be starting another month again in this 2022. Time flies and here I am still juggling up my work and school at the very moment.

August put me so much in my plate where I think I was a little bit overwhelmed and burned out in life. Thanks to the people around me, I can still be able to do my work and task by helping and hearing me out my thoughts and rants. It wasn’t easy being in a situation of that but I guess that is life, where you need to sail your boat in order to arrive in your destination. It might be a little messed up but it will make you stronger in the process.

I hope this new month will be a blessed, fruitful, productive and time-worthy month for all of us! Happy new month beautiful people. Stay strong, stay safe and stay positive. Godbless! 🥰

Thanks for reading,
Rosell Jardinico

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