Hello loves! It’s been a month or two since the last time a wrote a post in this blog. Time literally flies so much faster as we are now in November and we will be saying goodbye to the year 2022. But one thing that made me realize that life has been incredible throughout my ups and downs in life.

Things may seems odd sometimes but I guess those are the things that are inevitable, rather than complaining about it I usually shift my mood into a positive one such as thinking things that I’ve been grateful for.

With that, as you guys know as a Christian last Saturday my church had an annual event where we call it Set-A-Fire 2022 for the single young adults who passionately becoming one with God as our group being called as CCF B1G where we gathered every saturday at the church to honor and worhip God. Through it, I just want to share this feeling on which I am eagerly to tell that I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE LOVE I ENCOUNTER WITH THE LORD! As a Christian it is so much hard to continuously being on fire with the Lord, where everyday you will get a reminder from the Holy Spirit for yourself to be patience towards others, be humble, love them and make yourself as the salt and light in order for them to see that Christ lives within us. With the thought being said as an imperfect person things was so hard to do but throught Christ who showered His lavish grace and love, I can slowly tell myself that I can do it. Not immediately but through time, one step closer and closer to become a Christ-like woman.

B1G Metro East Set a Fire 2022

How about you guys? What are the things you’ve been grateful for?

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