Hello, 2023! OMG!! Am I late for the greetings? Hahah 😆 I’m still in awe that we are now in the chapter of our lives as we set out the journey this year. My 2022 feels like a roller coaster as life puts me through ups and downs but I am still grateful how the Lord predestined those things in my life as I continue the year 2023. I hope and pray that everyone will be blessed, fruitful, be filled with joy throughout the year.

With that, allow me to share as I look back in 2022 with some of my popular post in the blog. I hope you enjoy!

23 Things I’ve Learned in 23 Years

10 Life Lessons I Learned from 2021

A Typical Day In My Life.

Self-Care for Bad Mental Health Days

5 Approach in Life to Live in Purpose

These 5 may seem to become a popular in the blog but through this I learned to fully understand myself and the things around that makes me happy, fulfilled, and joyous throughout the whole year of 2022.

Thanks for reading,
Rosell Jardinico

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