12 Quotes and Motivations to Celebrate Pride Month

Hi friends! June finally starts and everything seems in place. Waking up this day seeing Facebook’s Header to celebrate Pride Month, remembers myself the Pride March I attended last June 2019, if I am not mistaken. It was a fun pride march at the same time feeling great to march for the equality and raising the voice to our dear LGBTQIA+ friends.

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Hello, I’m writing again

Hello, once again. I don’t know why I keep on writing hello post, whenever I feel stuck in life or in my blogging world. As you know, I’ve been writing blog post since 2019 and then when burnout or my overwhelming self couldn’t handle the situation, I just grab my phone and hit the all post button in the dashboard and click drafts.

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Bible Verses when you feel like Giving Up on Work

Before heading up to the post, I would like to commemorate the International Labor Day. To our workers, in medical and non-medical field who keeps on working despite the remote workforce as the pandemic strike, I give my salute to all of you.

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